St. John's

This was my 2nd trip out east, and I have to admit, I still love it!

Unlike last time, true east coast weather was hard to come by and most of my time spent out east was in amazing weather..


This time around, when I traveled it was not by myself. In fact, there were a great many people who I knew out there. This was because we were there to celebrate the wedding of David Shimoda and Vikki Cole.


I will eventually get a lot of photos up online, but, just like the last time I visited St. John's, this time around I took a number of panoramic shots. I have to admit, that I'm finding the panorame software handy at time even for piecing together just two photos to get a slighty better perspective. At times this trick is allowing me to shoot something without the need to change a lens to get a better range.

The photos

The photos are taken from around St. John's, Signal Hill, Cape Spear and Heart's Delight. I didn't include the quicktime movies for the 360 degree shots I took, but I did leave in a couple of shots that have small errors on them. One in particular is entertaining. Let's call it 'What would have happened if Vikki married twins'.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


I am not a professional photographer, and as such have no expectation that my work will be valued by anyone other than me. If you do value it enough to take a copy, send me a note and tell me. Unless you are using it to fund your illicit arms dealing program, or use as the poster-child for a venereal disease, I'm likely to be happy to let you have it for free. More over, I'm thrilled to have someone compliment my work. A little praise goes a long way.

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