Sergiyev Posad

This is the home of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is where their patriarch is elected, and where the most famous saint of the religion, Sergiyev, lived. Integral to the history of Russia, this small walled village is a UNESCO world heritage site and it's clear to see why when you wander around it.


You'll notice in the panoramas the number of different churches packed into this one little area. One thing that stuck me over there was how often they seemed to just build a church. "oops, someon famous just died. Let's build a church on the spot." Or, "Hey, I just got elected/married/won a bet... let's build a church!" Even if there are already four in the same place, another one never hurts apparently.

Big props to Dennis, who managed to get us a tour of the place outside of regular hours. The babushka who gave us the tour was a real sweetheart and shy, because after all she explained, her English (which was excellent and certainly better than I speak any other language) was only her 4th language.

The photos

A number of these are panoramas. This was the first and only place in Russia that we had been allowed to take photos inside of a church. What a treat!

Hope you enjoy the photos!


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