Charlottetown is probably the nicest provincial capital I've ever been to (and I've been to them all now). Home of Confederation, it wears its history proudly. This is a place I could definately see being happy living in.

The photos

The photos were taken between me just wandering around on my own and a small city tour on a double decker bus that I found randomly, which was perfect as I'd had about 3 hours sleep and it allowed me to relax while I traveled around.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


I am not a professional photographer, and as such have no expectation that my work will be valued by anyone other than me. If you do value it enough to take a copy, send me a note and tell me. Unless you are using it to fund your illicit arms dealing program, or use as the poster-child for a venereal disease, I'm likely to be happy to let you have it for free. More over, I'm thrilled to have someone compliment my work. A little praise goes a long way.

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