This section of the website contains my photography. Well, my snapshots at least...

I can't change the fact that my paintings don't sell. But the time will come when people will recognize that they are worth more than the value of the paits used in the picture. ~ Vincent van Gogh Dutch painter and one of the greatest Post-Impressionists, 1853-1890

Take a picture.

The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, that may make this the most content rich, and yet concise, section of my site.

I like pictures. They remind you where you've been and in looking at an image you can recall so many things about the moment; the colour of the light, the gleam from the dew, or how damn good you looked when you were younger!

When I was young, I took dozens of photos... first on an old 110 film camera, and then on a Kodak disc film camera. Later in life I was an early buy in to the world of digital and a proud owner of a Nikon Coolpix 990 until I upgraded to my current Digital SLR - a Nikon D70s. And while it's no longer state of the art, I can see me being quite content to continue to use this camera for quite some time.

Diving in

I always loved photos, but time and other passions conspired to keep me from really learning anything about how to take good photographs myself. Hence, I always put off taking a lot of photos or buying a camera, intending to wait for when I had time to learn. However, a wise person commented one day that there is never a 'right' time in life for things. And so, they were right.

I bought my camera and have since taken a lot of bad photographs... but along the way, you learn a little at a time. Moreover, they are my bad photographs and often it is the adventure of getting them that is the best part.

So feel free to browse and see what I have put up here, but only leave behind positive or constructive comments if you feel you must say something. I make no pretense of being a photographer... only a man who likes pictures.

At forty-two I decided to become a photographer because it offered a means of creative throught and action. I didn't rationalize this, I just felt it intuitively and followed my intuition, which I have never regretted. ~ Wynn Bullock, American photographer, 1902-1975


Of course one of the primary motivations for me to get a digital SLR was so that I would have better control over the shutter speed and could take the occassional picture of my biggest pasttime over the past couple of years - the sport of ultimate. Some galleries containing my photos can be seen below.

Ultimate Pictures