St. John's

St. John's was my first visit out to 'the rock'. And I loved it!

While I got graced with a good dose of Newfie weather the first day (note the fog in the photos) the next day was gorgeously clear and a wonderful day for taking pictures.


In a funny case of Serendipity, while wandering off the trail on Signal Hill, I came around a corner and ran into a girl I had met only once before at an ultimate tournament in Ontario. Better still, she was from Australia, and just passing through. The odds of this seem astronomical. We celebrated strange fate with dinner that night in town.


At the time I took a couple of 360 degree shots, always intending to stitch them together. It's taken a couple of years for me to get around to it, but I'm pleased with the results. Hopefully you are able to view the movie versions of them as well.

The photos

The photos are taken from around St. John's, at the Rooms, and from Signal Hill. I've included a couple of links to Quicktime versions of the 360 panoramas. They are about 6MB's so give it a moment ot two to load.

The high-quality ones are 84MB's and look much better... but would kill most of you to download, so I'll have to keep them to myself for now.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


I am not a professional photographer, and as such have no expectation that my work will be valued by anyone other than me. If you do value it enough to take a copy, send me a note and tell me. Unless you are using it to fund your illicit arms dealing program, or use as the poster-child for a venereal disease, I'm likely to be happy to let you have it for free. More over, I'm thrilled to have someone compliment my work. A little praise goes a long way.

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