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This is the personal homepage of Kurtis Reid McClellan, known to most of the world simply as 'Blue'. This is the 7th incarnation of this site. While it is predominantly designed for use by Blue himself, he is more than delighted that you stopped by and hopes that you will stay awile. Perhaps puruse his photography, read some of his writing or contribute to one of his never-ending projects and endeavours.

The Gremlins Inside The Machine

Who is Blue?

The question of who a man is, is one that I find most people struggle with for most of their lives. A person is constantly defining and redefining themselves as they grow.

First they learn to define themselves as a part of a family. Then later in life they rebel and seek to explore out side of the confines of the family and distinguish themselves as individuals. Still later, they turn their attention to the outside world and the multitude of causes, activities and ideas that surround us. Having triumphed, or failed, they proceed to look to their legacy and what lasting worth they will leave behind. Finally, there is a phase of departure and spirituality.

What lies beyond that is something which I can only guess about, and am in no rush to reveal the answer to just yet.

So who am I? Today, I am Blue.

What's on this site?

This site contains a smattering of my own journey through the world. From my family geneology, through to my writings and musings, my professional work and hobbies, and finally to my hopes, fears and beliefs.

The union of the Word and the Mind produces that mystery which is called Life. Learn deeply of the Mind and its mystery, for thenin lies the secret of immortality. ~ Joesph Addison

I make no pretense of being a great man, nor deliver any promise that you will find anything interesting here. This website is a window to the world of my mind - and what a clutter and confused place that can be at times. Please be respectful of anything I've created and don't steal, but it is yours to enjoy for as long as you are here in my world.

Rumours of other worlds

Of course, my world is hardly the only one in existance. As I said above, this site is as much for my use as a jumping off point - my own Grand Central Stattion or Flight Terminal - as it is for anyone else's enjoyment. Hence, my boarding gates to other destinations below:

  • Worlds where I have dual citizenship
  • Places I have a work visa for
  • Vacation destinations
  • Other foreign lands, strange places and things I need to explore





I am a problem solver and ideas person. I live for the challenge of solving a puzzle - any puzzle.

I've been known to give myself a 3-day crash course in specific areas of biology, physics - or even the metaphysics of soap bubbles - in order for me to understand something.

Once a solution is found however, and the work started, I am bored and looking for the next puzzle to solve.

Got a problem? Challenge me.


Blue resides in the city of Toronto, Ontario in the country of Canada. He works as a technical manager in the financial industry. He has many passions in life, but most frequently induges in his love of the sport of ultimate and frequent trips to the country to practice photography. He is not actually coloured blue and is usually a pretty happy guy.

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