The Book Of Words

What is in a word...

[Second Era]
"`Ah,' said Arthur, `this is obviously some strange usage of the word safe I wasn't previously aware of.'" - Douglas Adams
I like words. I like using words, when I get them right, but I like the words I make up on my own best of all.

Welcome to the world of words I like to ponder. You will find a collection of varios things here. Like every other website in existance, it is continuously undergoing changes, but this will hopefully get you started.

Words - A collection of words which I either think are neat cause they no longer are in common usage, are from pop culture, or may even have been invented by myself or my friends.

Poetry - A collection of my favorite poems by various poets.

My Poetry - A collection of my own vague attempts at poetry. The format varies, though the 50-Word style is a personal favorite of mine.

For I Stand Alone - A collection of quotes, both others and my own, which I compied over the years into a book.

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