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The Second Era

An exploration of self...

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"Seek self-knowledge to be more aware of others." - Me
Talk to and observe others to find out more about yourself.

The iris is the flower of choice for this section. This is actually a small play on images and words on my part. While and iris is a flower, the word can also be used to describe the effect of iridescence. That is, a play of colours resembling a rainbow. You see this effect on soap bubbles, or oil on water. Anywhere where there is a film or mask over something. This section of the website deals with my journey of self-discovery and an exploration of the many personae which combine to form the rainbow that is me. It is also, in many ways, an attempt to allow people behind the mask I present to the world.

[Book Menu]When I sat down to compose this section of the site, I realized what a huge undertaking it was. For how could I begin to let people see the unmasked me? I have lived with myself for over a quarter century and still, even I, can not see behind the mask to truely understand who Blue is. After much thought and deliberation, I finally settled on a division of this section into six further sub-sections. They are; The Book Of Life, The Book Of People, The Book Of Words, The Book Of Stories, The Book Of Pictures and finally, The Book Of Blue

The Book Of Life comes first because, before anything else could develop, I had to live. This is my personal story. It is basically an autobiography of my life. I am not famous, nor rich. I doubt that reading this will solve your problems or make you a millionaire. I don't even think that you will walk away from reading this inspired or with a sense of satisfaction, though you never know. You may find the blackmail material you've been looking for all these years, use it and become extremely satisfied. Stranger things have happened. Still, this book is only here to provide a look at what I have done in my life and where I've come from. Perhaps, after reading this, you will find you understand certain aspects of me better than I understand myself. Am I a good person? The deeds of my life are here for you to judge.

The Book Of People is next since, before I even learned to walk, there were people in my life. Some, like my family, are tied to me by blood. Some, like my aquaintences, come and go over the years. Some, like my friends, are there for the good times and the bad times. And some are tied by ties even stronger. All of these are the people who I value. When possible, it is links to their own little worlds. Other times it is just some words from me about them.

The Book Of Words is next in progression. Words form the basis of our communication with others. However, as a friend of mine was once fond of saying, the words of any language are inadequately poor for expressing thoughts. Still, in a world that continuously expands, words are all that we have left to us. No longer can we pick up on the subtle body language, tones of voice and million little enviromental characteristics that makes communications with other easier. This is a collection of words. Short thoughts and sayings that have provided a moment of reflection for me. I have included both my own thought and those of others (properly attributed I hope!). Some I agree with, some I disagree with and some I just find interesting. I have divided them into Quotes, Thoughts and Ideas. So, if you are looking for a small piece of advice, or simply a new tagline, browse away.

The Book Of Stories natually comes after the book of words. For, if you take enough words and put them together, you get a story. There are really two sections included here. The first is what I commonly refer to as The McClellan Loaning Library. I have read a fairly large number of books over the years and still own most of them. The list of what I have is here for people to borrow from. However, there is only one way to get a library card from this library. Well... okay, two. One is offer me a gross sum of money. The more reasonable one however, is to be one of my close friends. If you have a book without a home, I do accept donations as well. Nothing disturbs me more than a book being thrown out. The second sub-section is a collection of my own stories. No, not more about my life. This is my creative outlet. For many years now, I have written stories as a hobby. Many of them are in various stages of completion, but I have put a number of them up here. I gladly accept feedback. Oh, and please remember, these stories are my own creation and as such, I do not give permission to others to reproduce them, link to them, claim them as their own or any other form of plagiarism or copyright infringement. If you want to share them, send someone the URL... or even better, if you own a publishing house, buy a story. I'd love to be an author. Of course I'd also love to live forever, but I doubt either will happen in the near future.

The Book Of Pictures falls next in line. Though words are powerful, I've always been a visual person. And of course, they say any picture is worth a thousand words anyway. Personally, I think a few of these are worth more than that. As I aquire photos that I've taken, or were taken of me, I will add them to this section of the sight. While I am letting you in my head, I might as well let you see a little of the world through my eyes as well.

The Book Of Blue is last. This is a book continually undergoing revisions and changes. It is, in many ways, the final chapter to all the other books. The result of everything I've learned. The Book Of Blue could also be said to be my own personal holy book. In it, I have attempted to define my morals and beliefs. It is the holy book of my own personal religion. And, just as with all other holy books, it is open to interpretation. I could write forever and it would not be long enough to fully describe me, or how I would act in every situation. But it does give an idea of the things I try to hold to and the priciples I believe, at this time, to be central to my being.

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