Blue's World

Blue is about a lot of other things as well. Blue is also the name adopted by a man who has had many names in his life, each with a special purpose.

If there is one question I have been asked more thank any other over the years, it is simply Why Blue? The answer to which, I hope to give through this web site. Then again, I've heard it said that the best place to hide a secret is right out in the open.

Blue's World is where you will find information on Kurtis McClellan, the professional and family face of Blue. You will also find the collected works of poetry, fiction and erotica that Blue has authored.

The site also contains information on Blue's various hobbies including trail seeking (be it by cycle or foot), ultimate, philatelics and many more. You can also find information about his many ongoing enterprises.

There is even, buried amongst the ego of the site, links to those few Blue considers friends.

So exactly who is Blue?

Come inside and find out for yourself.

Want to know more about Blue? Contact him and he might just answer.

 Think On

This is the site that started it all. On the internet since 1994 and constantly evolving and expanding, Think On follows Blue through 5 era's of life.
 My Blogs
Straight from my fingertips to the homes of millions. My personal, group and reviewing blog. Hopefully a photography one is on it's way.
I rarely find the time to go on vacation in my life. However when I do, I tend to take it to extremes. 400km by foot. 2000km by cycle. 6000km by auto. Next?

Last Updated: March 6, 2008