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Trial By Trail

In the summer of 2000, I organized a cycling trip. While it was originally intended to be by trail from Victoria to Toronto, it ended up being largely by road from Victoria to Winnepeg. Inspite of the difficulties though, it was a fabulous time and what a way to spend a month than outdoors and travelling with friends?
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[Think On]

Think On

No personal site would be complete without the traditional ego pages that proliferate on the web. And as much as I would like to believe that I have more content to offer than most, my personal space still amounts to a collection of information about myself, my thoughts, my creative outlets, my dreams and my pastimes. If you think you will find something fascinating here, then by all means, take a peek at what I've chosen to show of the persona I call Blue.

Beatnik & Blue's

This is one of my co-creations. Myself and my main man, Beatnik, have compiled a little something for your entertainment pleasure this evening. So drag a chair, sit back and relax and let Beatnik and I take you on a guided tour of our lounge.
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[Kurtis R. McClellan]

Kurtis R. McClellan

Interested in hiring me, working with me or working for me? Interested in getting to know me on a professional level? Then this is where you should be headed. You'll find information on some of my current business projects, my resume and what I can do for you.


And what better to follow business with, than pleasure. Trantore and Canton, my own creations, share space here with information, links, brainteasers and humour in my own privite games room. Take a peek around if you like to play... know what I mean?
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