The MacClellans

son of a servant of a saint...

[The First Era]
"Think On" - acquired by Sir William MacClellan after his capture of Black Morrow
Superba Frango - "I destroy proud things." - acquired during seige of Threave castle.

The first commemorates his recovery of the barony of Bomby. This, King James had by proclamation offered as a reward to any person who should bring to him, dead or alive, a fierce rover called Black Morrow come from Ireland, who, with his band of marauders, had become a terror to the people of Kirkcudbright and its neighborhood. It is said that William MacClellan gathered his followers, both kin and kith, and, after defeating the band and killing their leader, carried the head of Black Morrow to the King on the point of his sword, and bade him “think on,” the King having at erst forgotten his proclamation. He was then knighted.

The second bears allusion to the battering down of Threave Castle during its siege by King James, by means of a monster cannon called “Mollance Meg” (corrupted to “ Mons Meg ”) from Mollance in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, constructed by a blacksmith named M‘Kim and his sons, who were retainers of the barons of Bomby; “Mollance” after M‘Kim himself, to whom the King gave the lands of Mollance, and “Meg” after his wife, whose voice resembled that of the cannon.

The MacLellans supported William Wallace, they also supported King Robert Balliol, as had Wallace. This led to their joining against Robert the Bruce, who they evidently felt was a pretender to the throne of Scotland.

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